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Welcome to pokemonbattle!
Code Monkey
the_code_monkey wrote in pokemonbattle
I'm the_code_monkey and I decided to set this community up in an effort to encourage a social Pokémon metagame within the University of Derby, as well as a general hub for anyone we meet who wants to get into semi-competitive battling.

Most of the places I see metagames, it's not social, it's elitism, and someone trying for the first time within one will get their ass handed to them on a silver platter due to the lack of support to help them improve.

In this community I hope to achieve a friendly social environment where anyone can ask for help improving their team, organise battles over Wi-Fi, and maybe set up the odd organised tournament. It's also a place where people can train to make themselves viable for those kinds of metagame. but overall I just want to see people having fun with and discussing Pokémon.

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Now changed to make it that it's only banned with speed boost

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